London Saphire thin slate / natural stone slab

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Self-adhesive natural stone panels

Self-adhesive fine natural stone designed to allow you to create your own authentic spaces.

Our "DIY" product, designed for our users with a new generation of do-it-yourself culture, allows you to customize your own interpretation on your wall, creating applications according to your own style.

The self-adhesive natural stone slabs are easy to attach to walls because there is an adhesive layer on the back.

  • *The panels measure 15x60cm and are 3mm thick.
  • *The front is made of real natural stone.
  • *Self-adhesive tape is available on the back.
  • *No grout required, just glue.
  • *The surface must be flat and free of dust.
  • *100% natural look.
  • *Not suitable for wet areas.
  • *Suitable for indoor use
  • *Cut to size or with a grinder or with a pair of tin snips.

What does impregnation mean?

Impregnation means that you apply a water-repellent impregnation. Because it has a real layer of slate on it, it can absorb water and dirt.

How many panels do you need?

You can calculate the number of square meters based on the length and width of a specific room.

For example: 1.20 meters (length) x 1.50 meters (height) = 1.8 m2 round by 2 m2.

2 m2 ÷ 0.09 = you need 22.3 panels (round to 23)

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